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Transformative Power of Pluto - Cathy Co

The Transformative Power of Pluto

Part of International Academy of Astrology Breaking Down the Borders Conference 2020

Cathy discusses the transformative power of Pluto through a look at its meaning in one’s horoscope, and through Plutonic themes in family patterns and transits over personal planets. Pluto symbolizes an extremely concentrated power to destroy, give birth, empower, and transform. This talk examines how people can best bring forth the energy of Pluto into greater consciousness and consciously use this dynamic personal power.

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Intro to Jyotish - Cathy Coleman.jpg

Introduction to Jyotish Workshop

Part of the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference 2020

This workshop is taught by ACVA Steering Committee members Jyoti Devi/Charlotte Benson, Cathy Coleman, Shoba Mohan, and Ram Das/Bill Sinclair. The team provides a view of the fundamentals of the celestial Science of Light. 


We'll take a look at the origins of Jyotish and certain philosophical tenants of the tradition. The essential meanings of the planets; houses; aspects/yogas; the 27 nakshatras; planetary friendships and strengths; dasa periods; divisional charts; prasna; muhurta; planetary remedies - and whatever else we have time for - will be offered.


Come and learn how to get started improving your life and Self-awareness, using the tools of the ultimate Life-Hack app - Jyotisha! 

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