In the Stars July 11-18, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week

The Sun shines in Cancer, the sign symbolizing home and family. This is time for nurturing gatherings and reunions. Cancer is a water sign and those with strong Cancer in their horoscopes are good at nourishing plants and flowers. We are at the height of summer when gardens are in full bloom, and need to be tended. It is a good time to beautify and enjoy your home.

Saturday, the 17th is an especially potent day when the Sun opposes Pluto, and the Moon forms a T-square with this opposition. The Moon also opposes Eris and creates a tension-filled cardinal Grand Cross. This alignment is packed with high energy and potential to create movement and change. Lean in and make the most of it, but refrain from undue risks.

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Sunday is the day of the week that the Moon connects with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. The Moon first opposes Saturn and then squares Uranus. The Leo Moon loves the Sun and the outdoors, a good antidote to moodiness or depression, which we might feel with Saturn opposing the Moon. This is strong energy for change—use it to push yourself forward rather than feeling at its effect. Mercury ingresses into Cancer for the next three weeks. Create some serious fun.

Monday is bold, bright, and creative with the Leo Moon conjunct Mars and Venus. Gather your vim, vigor, and courage and make the start of the work week count. Mercury and Jupiter form a benefic trine in water signs, inviting good self-care.

Tuesday and Wednesday are days to clean up and get organized. We get down to serious business and get things done. On Tuesday Venus and Mars are exactly conjunct in Leo. Along with getting things in reasonable order, follow your heart’s desire and be playful. Wednesday’s Moon-Uranus trine may open us up to surprising diversions or new pathways of discovery. The Sun trines Neptune and the Moon opposes Neptune, enabling us to let go of perfection and to trust in a the bigger vision.

The Moon moves into Libra on Thursday, calling in harmony and consideration of others. Chiron stations to go retrograde, amplifying the symbolism of healing, mentoring, and maverick thinking, A few edgy aspects can lead to feelings of irritation in spite of the gracious energy of the Libra Moon.

Friday we may feel a bit tender as the Moon opposes Chiron. We want to be social and gracious. Dine with your beloved or invite close friends for dinner, and set a beautiful table. Friday is Venus’ day (Viernes), and Venus is the Libra Moon’s ruler. Adorn your freshly cleaned house (from the past two days' influence of Moon in Virgo) with fresh flowers and fragrance. Relax and take it easy in the evening, winding down from the industrious work week.

Saturday carries a lot of tension from challenging aspects, which can effect change. Relationship issues may present themselves for serious examination due to a demanding T-square aspect between the Sun, Moon, and Pluto. This cardinal T-square is action-packed, so initiate changes that will improve things.

The Scorpio Moon meets up with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square on Sunday, first aspecting Saturn and later opposing Uranus. Mercury trines the Moon, making us prone to share, perhaps too much. Irritations may be triggered. There may be a reckoning or a breakthrough.

The Moon is void of course most of Monday (9:30 a.m. – 2:07 p.m. PDT). It may be hard to get in the groove of the work week until the Moon pops into Sagittarius at 2:07 p.m. PDT. A Mercury-Chiron square may make us emotionally sensitive; however, with the Sun and Moon trine in water signs Cancer and Scorpio we can work things out and get to a place of emotional ease and satisfaction, and then move on more joyfully and optimistically with our day.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Potentially melancholy day. Create some serious fun.

Monday: Bold, bright, sunny day! We are strong and courageous. Be good to yourself and set bold intentions for a good week.

Tuesday: Clean up and get organized, and make it fun.

Wednesday: Industrious day, but allow for diversions that may reveal surprises and discoveries.

Thursday: Feelings of irritation and being off balance abound while at the same time harmony is a big theme.

Friday: Gracious, social day. Relax after an productive work week.

Saturday: Tense, industrious day. Much can be accomplished in spite of a lot of friction.

Sunday: Feelings run deep, and irritations may be felt. Limitations may result in breakthroughs.

Monday: Moon VoC 9:30 a.m. – 2:07 p.m. PDT. The day starts slow and picks up in the afternoon when the Sag Moon brings optimism and exuberance.

Ten Things to Do with Venus in Leo (June 26-July 22)

1. Play with your children or grandchildren.