In the Stars July 24-31, 2022 . . . shining light on the astrology of the week

The Sun is now in fun-loving, exuberant Leo for the next month, inviting summer vacations and play. Jupiter will join Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto in retrograde motion on July 28,, drawing us to consider our beliefs and assumptions.

Mars will conjunct Uranus and the North Node August 1-3, an extremely volatile configuration.

This explosive, restless energy is heating up this week and will continue the first week of August. Mars will square Saturn on August 7th, adding tension. We can always use difficult planetary energy for good. This combination could propel you to start on a challenging project that has been on your mind, solve a problem, or turn in a new direction. The energy can be destructive or generative. It has the signature of an earthquake that suddenly breaks structures apart and creates changes. Carefully consider what you will be doing during the first week of August; make conscious plans that take into account danger and upheaval and galvanize opportunity.


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