In the Stars July 4-11...shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon in Cancer

The 4th of July Sunday holds tense alignments. The Moon makes its weekly intersection with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. Additional square aspects are: Chiron-Sun and Moon-Mars. This volatile day is the day that many Americans plan to celebrate with outdoor activities and fireworks. Extra caution should be taken. This is an Independence Day to be cautious and careful. Keep celebrations simple, and fireworks-free if possible. The same alignment of the Moon with Saturn-Uranus occurs Sunday, July 11th.

Venus connects with the Saturn-Uranus square all this week, perhaps heralding changes in relationship and money matters. The alignment is exact on Tuesday.

There are two full days when the Moon is void of course: Monday and Saturday. These are days to attend to routine tasks such as gardening, cleaning, cooking, or filing. Plan meetings and significant activities for the other days this week.

There is a lot of sensitive emotional energy this week. Get some sunshine, as it is a good antidote to depressive energy, and do good self-care. Mercury squares Neptune this week, an aspect that can result in confusing communication.

The Moon is dark Tuesday through Thursday, heralding a New Moon in Cancer on Friday.

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Sunday is Independence Day, 4th of July. The Taurus Moon connects with the tense, provoking energy of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. The Moon squares Saturn and conjuncts Uranus in the morning Pacific Time. There are two more squares as well, symbolizing tension, action, and irritation: Chiron-Sun and Moon-Mars. The energy quiets as the day wears on. You may be gathering with family or friends to celebrate the holiday. I’ll be in on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with my niece Veronica and her family. When the Moon is in Taurus, we have an appetite for good food, so Independence Day BBQs will be satisfying. Keep things simple and practical, and don’t take risks—especially with fireworks.

The Taurus Moon is void of course most of the day Monday from 9:56 a.m. until 6:23 p.m. PDT. When the Moon is void things often don’t come together, and decision making is not at its best. Use the energy for practical, insignificant matters such as cleaning up, reading, or tending your garden. However, the Sun makes a benefic sextile to Uranus, demanding something different than the same old routine. A benefic Pluto-Moon trine in earth signs gives energy to accomplish a lot. However, a confounding factor is a Mercury-Neptune square that may draw us toward the imaginary realm and lead us off track. Allow yourself to veer off your usual pathway, and be open to awe and discovery on this first day of the week.

Tuesday’s main aspect is a Venus-Saturn opposition. Consider how you are spending your resources. It may be time to curtail spending, or reorganize priorities and use your time more wisely. This aspect may invite commitments in love relationships. We may consider the worth of certain investments in both love and money. We are able to easily discuss serious matters with loved ones. This is a great evening for a thoughtful, generative dinner conversation.

Wednesday’s Gemini Moon calls out curiosity. Thoughts and speech may be confused due to a Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Ideas pour forth, but there may be more talk than action. The planetary alignments encourage conversation and connection on Mercury’s day, in Spanish, Miercoles.

Thursday is a sensitive, moody day with the Moon in Cancer. Venus squares Uranus, calling for relationship freedom. While the Moon in Cancer wants to snuggle up and be close, the Venus-Uranus alignment wants independence. There can be surprises in relating. The Moon is dark, closing a cycle. We prefer to draw inward.

Difficulties in communication and relating continue on Friday. A New Moon at 6:16 p.m. PDT signals a fresh start. However, it’s not the best time to resolve family issues. Pluto is opposite the Moon, and Neptune and Pallas Athena trine the New Moon, drawing out strong feelings. Intuition runs strong, as well. Uranus sextile to the New Moon may provide some detachment, and gives some bounce to the heavy, watery energy. Cook some comfort food and relax at home.

Saturday is a good day for gardening or working on your home. The Moon is void of course all day from 9:09 a.m. through 5:20 p.m. PDT, which makes it not a good day for meetings or weekend shopping other than groceries. When the Moon is void, things often don’t come together wel and we often don't make good decisions. Compassion, sensitivity, and intuition run strong, as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. We may still be healing and pondering the sensitivities and wounds that have surfaced from the last two days. Some relief arrives Saturday evening when the Moon arrives in sunny Leo. After three emotionally difficult days we are ready to lighten up and party!

Sunday is the day of the week that the Moon connects with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. The Moon first opposes Saturn and then squares Uranus. The Leo Moon loves the Sun and the outdoors, a good antidote to moodiness or depression, which we might feel with Saturn opposing the Moon. This is strong energy for change—use it to push yourself forward rather than feeling at its effect. Mercury ingresses into Cancer for the next three weeks. Create some serious fun.

Monday is bold, bright, and creative with the Leo Moon conjunct Mars and Venus. Gather your vim and vigor and courage and make the start of the work week count. Mercury and Jupiter form a benefic trine in water signs, encouraging good self-care.