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I have been writing a practical weekly blog about the astrological influences for ten years. The blog is written not only to help people make the best use of the planetary energies of each day, but to also grow in their knowledge of astrology.

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In the Stars March 29-April 4, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week

This week harbors even more volatility than the past couple of weeks as Mars will be conjunct Saturn exactly for about four days (Monday through Thursday), and Jupiter will makes its first of three conjunctions on April 4th near Mars and Saturn. Jupiter, usually a benefic planet, exaggerates and expands, and combined with Pluto, Saturn and Mars this coming week could be even more turbulent than life has been. The astrology of these COVID-19 times includes the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, Mars being out-of-bounds until June, and the nodes in problematic Nakshatras (arcs of 27 divisions of the zodiac) Ardra and Mula, according to Vedic astrology, and a challenging yoga (Kala Sarpa) where the plan

In the Stars March 22-29, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon

We are now well into our first week of shelter-in-place in California. Much of the rest of the country is under the same mandate. Every day there are new orders and changes to limit physical contact to contain the virus. Our lives have dramatically changed over the past week. As spring has arrived, we have had to draw inward and take more of a winter posture; we are dying to an old way of living and emerging into a new springtime. Nature is available to us to step into spring. This week, in spite of the gloomy overcast skies of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, Mars being out-of-bounds, and the nodes in problematic Nakshatras Ardra and Mula, according to Vedic astrology, the Sun is now in sunny,

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