In the Stars October 17-24, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week: Full Moon

Saturn turned direct in motion on October 10, Jupiter on Sunday, the17th, and Mercury follows on the 18th. Mercury is in its retrograde shadow period until November 1st, during which time some of the characteristics of Mercury retrograde are still operant such as communication mix-ups and mistakes. The stationary, stuck energy we have experienced the past few months is now moving forward.

The week ahead is edgy and explosive, sporting a Full Moon in Aries that is conjunct Eris and square to Pluto. The Sun and Mars are conjunct. This is an extremely volatile configuration; there may be some acts of violence in the news. It will be easy to get over-heated this week and be quick to anger, so think about you can stay cool. This would be a good week to re-commit to a vigorous exercise routine if you have slacked off. Use the powerful, dynamic energy to move a project far forward.

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Jupiter stations to move direct on Sunday after a four-month retrograde spin since June 20th. When planets station, their energy is amplified. This change in motion adds exuberance, optimism, and wisdom to the day. In the mix is a difficult aspect of the Sun’s connection with the Pluto-Eris square; this cardinal T-square may be testy. However, a Moon-Neptune conjunction calms the volatility and can be a balm to the uproar.

The week ahead is off to a sprint on Monday as the Moon enters Aries. Mercury turns direct in motion, ending its backward spin, at 8:16 a.m. PDT. A Mars-Jupiter trine gives courage and optimism, helping us overcome obstacles and challenges, and leap forward.

Tuesday is another energetic day when we can sprint through our tasks with the backing of the Aries Moon. Later in the day the Moon opposes Mars and sextiles Jupiter, generating more vim and vigor. You may want to take advantage of this energy by burning through work and projects late at night.

The Moon is Full on Wednesday, and forms an extremely dynamic pattern with volatile planets involved. The Moon conjuncts Eris and squares Pluto, two emboldened, intense symbolic energies. Mars and the Sun, a hot combo, are conjunct; thus, Mars forms a T-square with Pluto and Eris. The T-square, with powerful, explosive planets Eris, Mars, and Pluto involved may trigger situations. With Pluto at the apex, this configuration is potentially volatile and explosive. On the other hand, it can be used for powerful fresh starts and getting a lot of accomplished in a proactive manner.

The explosive energies inherent in the Full Moon continue on Thursday with Mars making an exact aspect to the Eris-Pluto square. Adding an extra punch is the Taurus’ Moon’s ingress into Taurus conjunct Uranus.