In the Stars June 20-27, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week: Summer Solstice

Sunday, June 20th is the Summer Solstice, the day that the Sun ingresses into Cancer, marking the beginning of summer. Also on Sunday Jupiter turns retrograde for the next four months until October 17th, inviting us to examine our belief systems.

Uranus squared Saturn for the second time this year on June 14th. This aspect creates change through breakthroughs and restructuring. President Biden declared Juneteenth a national holiday. This strong change configuration is with us all year, and will be strongest near its exactness. The third exact square aspect is December 24th. Each week the Moon aligns with this aspect by conjunction, square, or opposition, igniting this change energy. This week the Moon-Uranus-Saturn aspects occur on Monday, June 21st and Monday, June 28th.

Mercury turns direct Tuesday, June 22nd and then re-thought plans and communication will become clearer and we will be less prone to technological problems and appliance breakdowns. Neptune joins Saturn and Jupiter in backward motion on June 25th respectively, creating a larger field of retrograde energy that tends to draw us inward.

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The Moon enters the deep, murky waters of Scorpio on Sunday, stirring emotional issues. Jupiter stations to go retrograde for four months until October 17th when it goes direct again. The Sun moves into Cancer at 8:32 p.m., marking the Summer Solstice. This is day of maximum light, the longest day of the year. Sunday is a day of shifts.

Monday is a day of mixed positive and challenging energies. On one hand there is a great deal of tension and pressure as a result of the Scorpio Moon’s alignment with Uranus and Saturn. Put this energy to work on a demanding project that has been stuck. At the same time the Scorpio Moon forms a soothing and supportive Grand Trine in water signs with Neptune (Pisces) and Venus (Cancer).

We are relieved to move to higher ground and leave the emotional baggage of the past couple of days when the Moon lands in Sagittarius on Tuesday morning. Wake up, bounce out of bed, and get your hiking shoes on and go for a climb, literally or figuratively. Set your goals high, and reach for them. We might feel cranky or argumentative (Venus square Eris), but positivity reigns. There may be snafus in communication, as Mercury is stationary turning direct, amplifying Mercury’s trickster potential.

Overall Wednesday is a buoyant day with the Sun trine Jupiter, further supported by the Sagittarius Moon. However, there is some tension in the air due to an emotionally intense Venus-Pluto opposition which can trigger jealousy, and an irritable Moon-Mercury square. The day is mixed. Keep your eye on the sunshine and possibilities, and put some sparkle in your day.

The Moon moves into Capricorn and forms a Full Moon on Thursday. However, Capricorn is the Moon’s place of detriment, opposite Cancer, the sign it rules. The Capricorn Moon is comfortable being uncomfortable, and is not at ease. The day demands attention to the balance between work and home. Jupiter makes benefic aspects to the Full Moon, lifting up its brilliance and potential. We can feel optimistic in spite of the Capricorn Moon’s tendency toward pessimism. The Capricorn Moon does like to work hard and get a lot accomplished, and some hard aspects help us do so.

Demands continue for a productive work day Friday with the Moon still in Capricorn. Neptune stations to go retrograde for the next several months, amplifying its influence which may foster doubt and confusion, or inspiration and creativity. Neptune’s main message is to trust, and go with the flow.

We can play the Wild Card on Saturday, as the Moon moves into Aquarius and the energies of the cosmos are relatively calm. The Aquarius Moon loves friends and groups and all things unusual. Make it a social day that you fashion in your own unique style.

On Sunday the Aquarius Moon triggers the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square when it aligns with both planets. This is a strong thrust for change. If we work with this alignment each week we can move closer to the new directions and resolutions we want to make in our lives. The cosmic setting is an invitation for a gathering with a variety of friends.

Monday morning is slow and meandering. The Moon is void of course until 10:50 a.m. PDT, and then it moves into soft, flowing Pisces. We may just want to take the day easy, get our bearings, and let things flow. Mars makes a benefic sextile to the North Node in Gemini, fostering creative writing or learning a new skill.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Sun moves into Cancer: Summer Solstice. Jupiter turns retrograde until October 17th. Day of shifts.

Monday: Mixed day of tension and emotional support. Apply hard work to stuck projects.

Tuesday: Mercury turns direct. Optimistic day. Set goals high, and get moving.

Wednesday: Buoyant day mixed with challenges and strong feelings. Allow yourself to sparkle.

Thursday: Full Moon in Capricorn. Garner optimism, and work to accomplish goals in balance with attention to home and family.