In the Stars October 16-23, 2022 ...Shining Light on the Astrology of the Week

Eclipse season is near with a Partial Solar Eclipse occurring October 25th at 2 degrees of Scorpio, and a Total Lunar Eclipse on election day November 8th at 16 degrees of Taurus.

Saturn and Uranus continue in square aspect, creating tension for restructuring and change. This square will figure prominently in the eclipse of November 8th as the Sun and Moon will conjunct Uranus, and thus square Saturn. Election Day in the United States may bring a lot of turbulence and many surprises.

Mars in Gemini will turn retrograde on October 30th for several months until January 12th , ushering in a more introspective period of inquiry. Continue to read, converse, write, listen, and learn.


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Sunday's focus is on home and family in light of a Cancer Moon. A Moon-Uranus sextile late in the day lifts the mood, and also it may bring diversions and a twist to the usual Sunday evening.