In the Stars October 24-31, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week

The Sun has moved into Scorpio tropically. Scorpio is a fixed water sign symbolizing emotional depths, secrets, finances that are linked with other people, and death and transformation. It is apt that Halloween and the Day of the Dead fall in this month. Scorpio corresponds to the fixed season of autumn when days are growing shorter and trees are losing their leaves. With growing darkness and colder weather we feel like drawing inward. This is a month to pull back, go deep, and rest before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season arrives next month when the Sun is in enthusiastic, outgoing Sagittarius.

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Allow your curiosity to take you on a short road trip on Sunday. A Moon-Neptune square may obscure communication, but a Moon-Jupiter trine lightens us up and reminds us not to take things too seriously.

Following a Moon-Libra trine that encourages us to clear the air Monday morning, the Moon is void of course from 7:10 a.m. until 1:59 p.m. PDT. Attend to routine tasks rather than appointments and meetings during this time as things are not likely to come together. Make yourself comfortable at home in the evening with a nourishing dinner and family connection.

We may feel especially sensitive and emotional on Tuesday due to a Moon-Chiron square. A benefic Moon-Uranus sextile later in the day may shake us out of our comfort zone and take us in different directions. In the light of a Venus-Neptune square, plan to get plenty of sleep and call in your dreams.

We ease into Wednesday with grace and compassion in the light of a Moon-Neptune trine, but as the day wears on we hit major turbulence. The Cancer Moon comes into a Grand Cross alignment with the Pluto-Eris-Mars T-square. This is extremely volatile energy. When these configurations occur, we need to go carefully, steer clear of upsetting or risky situations, and channel the energy into a demanding project.

Thursday is potentially a creative, playful, exuberant day, fueled by a Leo Moon. However, a Venus-Saturn square may dampen the fun, and a Moon-Saturn opposition may tamp it down a little further. All things considered, this may be a day that when the ups are weighed with the downs, the result may be simply another day at the office.

Unpredictability may be a theme Friday as the Moon squares Uranus. Exuberance and drama may show up as the Moon opposes Jupiter. A Grand Fire trine is ignited in the evening between the Leo Moon, Venus in Sagittarius, and Eris in Aries, sparking excitement.