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In the Stars May 12-19, 2024 . . . Shining Light on the Astrology of the Week

The Sun shines in Taurus, along with Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus, and Mercury w joins May 15th. The fixed earth sign Taurus’ interests are in growth, beauty, pleasure, security, money, and resources. Make these areas a focus in your life in the next week. Tend your garden and your money, and infuse your life with pleasure and all things lovely. The Sun moves into Gemini on Monday, May 20th.


There are three white circle days this week:  Sunday the 12th, Monday the 13th, and Saturday the 18th. Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis produce astrological calendars ( They designate a white circle day as one with mostly supportive aspects, when new projects encounter minimal resistance. White circle day Saturday the 18th holds a Venus-Uranus conjunction and a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, profound aspects for change and good fortune. Auspicious May 18th is the birthday of my deceased husband, Ralph Metzner.



Saturday and Sunday (May 11-12) are colored with the cozy, family-oriented energy of a Cancer Moon, perfect for Mother’s Day on Sunday. A Sun-Ceres trine (exact on Saturday) helps boost good feelings among family members and close loved ones. However, these good vibes may be countered by the testy, oppositional planetary aspects (Mercury conjunct Eris; Moon square Mars), so aim to keep your cool.


Mother’s Day Sunday May 12, holds numerous aspects, both supporting and challenging. The Cancer Moon is moody and fluctuates with the pulls of the tides. Supportive aspects foster familial connection (Moon trine Saturn; Moon sextile Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter). Challenging aspects may result in irritations and disagreements (Moon square Chiron, Eris, and Mercury; Moon opposite Ceres). I’ve always felt like the greatest gift for Mother’s Day is to support a mother with no obligations or requests, just appreciation. This would be a day to keep things simple and avoid situations that could flare up in conflict.


The work week starts off with a bang on Monday, May 13! The Sun and Uranus conjunct, an alignment that can hearken awakening, disruption, or change. The Moon moves into sunny, bright Leo, and in the early morning opposes Pluto, giving emotional drama. A Venus-Saturn sextile gives a stabilizing influence; however, there may be significant turning points on this day. Finally, a Moon-Mars trine in the evening encourages exuberance.


Thankfully, Tuesday, May 14 is a much quieter day than yesterday, though exuberant and enthusiastic with the Moon in Leo. The only aspects of note are a self-indulgent, yet affectionate, Moon-Venus square and a Moon-Chiron trine. Take time out to play, and aim to make work fun.


Wednesday, May 15 holds some shifting energies.  Mercury moves into fixed earth Taurus for the next three weeks where it will focus our minds on practical matters and provide sound thinking. The Moon is in Leo until 2:32 p.m. PDT. The Moon squares the Sun and Jupiter, making for some creative tension.  After a long void Moon period from 9:40 a.m. to 2:32 p.m. PDT, when we should focus on routine, insignificant tasks, the Moon moves into Virgo.  Then the pace picks up for getting our lives in order, further aided by the Moon’s trine to Mercury that is helpful for planning and organizing.


A temperamental Mercury-Pluto square may stress communication and create some conundrums on Thursday and Friday, but you can use this energy to look at a problem deeply to solve it. The Moon is in industrious Virgo on Thursday and Friday, supporting us to get organized and check off our “to do” list. It could not come at a better time for me as I prepare for teaching at the Yoga of Recovery Retreat May 19-23, journeying to the Bahamas.


On Friday, May 17, the grounded Virgo Moon makes benefic trines to four planets in Taurus: Venus, Uranus, Sun, and Jupiter. A lot of work will be accomplished easily!


The Libra Moon trines Pluto early Saturday morning, giving a boost of confidence and conviction. There are two wonderful conjunctions: Venus and Uranus at 23:23 Taurus, and Sun-Jupiter at 28:18 Taurus. These are profound aspects with great potential for change and good fortune. These conjunctions occur in a mystical part of the sky The Pleides, where the Seven Sisters reside.


The Moon opposes a Mars-North Node conjunction on Sunday morning, May 19. We may experience conflicting feelings, and will want to act independently. The Sun sextiles Neptune at the anaretic last degree of the signs Taurus and Pisces respectively. This Sun-Neptune aspect helps us to compassionately and gracefully handle whatever difficulties may emerge.


The Sun enters talkative, gregarious Gemini on Monday, May 20, ushering in a new zodiacal month that highlights travel, communication, speaking and writing. The Moon is void of course all day until it enters Scorpio at 3:33 p.m. PDT. This day is best left unstructured with few expectations while the Moon is void. A Moon-Pluto square in the evening draws us deep into the heart of matters and engenders passion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Week in Short:

Sunday: Active day with great support and also contentious aspects. Keep things simple so as to avoid conflict and volatility.

Monday: This day invites change and awakening. Enthusiasm abounds, and yet there is practical restraint. 

Tuesday: Aim to make this day light and playful. Make your work fun.

Wednesday: Moon VoC  9:40 a.m.-2:32 p.m. during which stick to routine tasks. The pace picks up mid-afternoon, urging us to put our lives in order.

Thursday: Communication challenges, but a day to get organized.

Friday: Industrious day to get a lot accomplished.

Saturday: Powerful, expansive day. Great changes could occur.

Sunday: Moon VoC from Sunday, May 19 at 8:48 a.m. through May 20 at 3:33 p.m. Conflict and discord may arise, but we will be able to handle it gracefully and compassionately.

Monday: Moon VoC from Sunday, May 19 at 8:48 a.m. through May 20 at 3:33 p.m. PDT. Leave the day unstructured until late afternoon. Feelings are heightened and impassioned in the evening.


Ten Things to Do with Venus in Taurus (April 29-May 23)

1.      Plant spring flowers in your garden.

2.      Review and tend to your finances

3.      Cook delicious food to delight your taste buds.

4.      Schedule a massage.

5.      Get a new haircut.

6.      Freshen your wardrobe.

7.      Spray a delightful fragrance around your face.

8.      Listen to love songs

9.      Adorn yourself with beautiful clothing and jewelry.

10.  Sing!



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Moon Void of Course:

This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things don’t come together and it is difficult to make good decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often don’t come together, and meetings don’t result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. We more easily get lost or meander in trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work.Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle):Pacific Standard Time:

May 13 (2:12 a.m.-3:35 a.m.) Moon into Leo

May 15: 9:40 a.m.-2:32 p.m. (Moon into Virgo)

May 18: 2:08 a.m.-3:22 a.m. (Moon into Libra)

May 19 at 8:48 a.m. through May 20 at 3:33 p.m. (Moon into Scorpio)

May 23: 12:27 a.m.-1:23 a.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

May 25:7:46 a.m.-8:35 a.m. (Moon into Capricorn)

May 27: 1:01 p.m.-1:44 p.m. (Moon into Aquarius)

May 29: 7:19 a.m.-5:32 p.m. (Moon into Pisces)

May 31: 7:54 p.m.-8:28 p.m. (Moon into Aries)

June 2: 3:03 p.m.-10:53 p.m. (Moon into Taurus)

June 5: 1:08 a.m.-1:35 a.m. (Moon into Gemini)

June 7: 5:15 a.m.-5:40 a.m. (Moon into Cancer)

June 9: 12:05 p.m.-12:28p.m. (Moon into Leo)

June 11: 12:16 p.m.-10:38 p.m. (Moon into Virgo)

June 14: 10:53 a.m.-11:11 a.m. (Moon into Libra)

June 16: 11:04 p.m.-11:37 p.m. (Moon into Scorpio)

June 19: 9:18 a.m.-9:31 a.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

June 21: 3:57 p.m.-4:08 p.m. (Moon into Capricorn)

June 23: 8:05 p.m.-8:14 p.m. (Moon into Aquarius)

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time):

May 13 9:12-10:35 (Moon into Leo)

May 15: 16:40-21:32 (Moon into Virgo)

May 18: 7:08-10:22 (Moon into Libra)

May 19 at 15:48 through May 20 at 22:33 (Moon into Scorpio)

May 23: 7:27-8:23 (Moon into Sagittarius)

May 25: 14:46-15:35 (Moon into Capricorn)

May 27: 20:01-20:44 (Moon into Aquarius)

May 29 at 14:19 through May 30 at 0:32 (Moon into Pisces)

June 1: 2:54-4:28 (Moon into Aries)

June 2 at 22:03 through June 3 at 5:53 (Moon into Taurus)

June 5: 8:08-8:35 (Moon into Gemini)

June 7: 12:15-12:40 (Moon into Cancer)

June 9: 19:05-19:28 (Moon into Leo)

June 11 at 19:16 through June 12 at 5:38 (Moon into Virgo)

June 14: 17:53-18:11 (Moon into Libra)

June 17: 6:04-6:37 (Moon into Scorpio)

June 19: 16:18-16:31 (Moon into Sagittarius)

June 21: 22:57-23:08 (Moon into Capricorn)

June 24: 3:05-3:14 (Moon into Aquarius)


Copyright @ 2024 Cathy Coleman, All rights reserved




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