In the Stars March 14-21, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week: Spring Equinox

This week is a powerful one for me. Sunday, March 14 is the second anniversary of my husband's (Ralph Metzner) death. I dedicate this post to him. It is the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 lockdown. This year it is the day that Sonoma County, where I live, moves into a less restrictive red tier for the first time in a year, signaling the opening of indoor dining, theaters, gyms, and various other things that have been completely in lockdown this past year. The clock also springs forward into Daylight Savings Time, giving us more daylight in the evenings.

Mercury moves into Pisces on Tuesday, joining the Sun, Venus, Neptune, and Pallas Athena in the sign symbolizing compassion, sensitivity, and emotion. This mutable sign, the last of the zodiac, symbolizes the transition from winter to spring, and we are in the last days of winter. The Sun springs into Aries on Saturday, marking the Spring Equinox. With so many planets in Pisces, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, there is ease and flow. In addition to the dreamy, creative energy of Pisces, Mars gives a push to several planets, and thus, our lives, depending on how our horoscopes are influenced. Mars trines Saturn, and Saturn squares Uranus. Chiron is at the midpoint of the Mars and Saturn trine, forming benefic sextiles. With Mars, Chiron, Saturn, and Uranus all aspecting each other, we are able to push forward out of our comfort zones, solve problems, and heal issues.

The Sun makes a benefic sextile aspect to Pluto, exact on Tuesday. The Moon squares Pluto on Monday. The energies hold potential for healing and transformation at the beginning of the week.

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Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. The clocks spring forward, and with the Moon in Aries, we bounce forward as well. Sunday is set for adventure and spontaneity. Take a vigorous hike. Lean into the week ahead with vim and vigor.

The work week begins Monday with the zest and high energy of the Aries Moon. A Moon-Jupiter trines gives optimism to the day. Mercury moves into Pisces, making us more open and intuitive for the next three weeks. Get moving energetically on your tasks and goals for the week.

The Moon is in Taurus Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday. All things sensual are highlighted. Taurus is the sign in which the Moon is exalted, or most comfortable and at ease. The Taurus Moon loves beauty, as well as delicious food, fine wine, inspiring music, and sweet fragrances. When the Moon is in Taurus we are invited to give ourselves more pleasure. Taurus is an earth sign, and fosters productivity and getting things done. Tuesday morning is soft and easy. By late afternoon the Moon is conjunct Uranus and square Saturn. Plans may veer off course, and we may feel some added pressure with responsibilities. A Sun-Pluto sextile provides drive and focus, and also gives additional energy for accomplishment.

St. Patrick’s Day falls on Wednesday, Mercury’s Day, known as Miercoles in Spanish, which is the day for wearing green any week, as green corresponds with all things mercurial such as learning and communicating. With the backdrop of the Taurus Moon, enjoy an Irish feast. This is another productive work day. A Moon-Jupiter square may make us feel overextended. A lunar sextile to Neptune in the evening bodes well for a sweet, dreamy sleep.

Thursday is full of lovely aspects that deepen our caring and connection. Passion is stirred by the Venus-Pluto sextile that perfects at 10:19 a.m. PDT. The Moon is Void of course from 1:39 p.m. through 4:46 p.m. PDT, a time best for insignificant tasks. At 4:46 p.m. PDT the Moon moves into Gemini, stirring up curiosity and drawing our attention in several directions throughout the evening.

Friday is a lively day. The Gemini Moon conjuncts Mars in the morning, which may generate some steam about something. The Moon trines Saturn, holding us to our commitments. This day has good energy for doing errands, making phone calls, and taking care of tasks at the work week’s end.

The Spring Equinox occurs on Saturday, marking the beginning of Spring. The Gemini Moon trines Jupiter in Aquarius, making for an optimistic day. Enjoy a weekend excursion, and explore your surroundings.

On Sunday the Moon moves into Cancer, the sign symbolizing home and family, a perfect backdrop for a weekend with family. Venus moves into Aries, encouraging us to move forward and take more risk in romance. A Mercury-Uranus sextile gives mental stimulation, great for brainstorming and problem-solving. A Mars-Saturn trine grounds the energy and gives energy and sensibility.

Monday is a softer, quieter day. Tend to the home fires, and nourish your family. An evening Moon-Neptune trine fosters a gentle, peaceful evening and a soft and dreamy night’s sleep. Take a hot bath and end the day with grace and ease.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Daylight Savings Time begins. Spring forward clockwise and personally. Get some vigorous exercise.

Monday: Get your work week going with vim and vigor.

Tuesday: Sensual, productive, demanding day.

Wednesday: At the end of a productive work day, enjoy a sweet, dreamy sleep.