In the Stars February 14-21, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week

The Chinese Year of the Ox was ushered in on Friday, February 12th. The Year of the Ox is about hard work, duty, discipline, and building. It is about following through on projects begun in the 2020 Rat year. The Ox is about solidity and stability. The task of the Ox is to plow the field and work diligently.

Six planets are still in Aquarius tropically (Capricorn sidereally) for a few more days. On Thursday the Sun moves into Pisces, a more emotional, ethereal, creative energy. Pisces is the last zodiacal sign and corresponds with the last month of winter.

Mercury is still in retrograde until Saturday, February 20. There are a few more days for review, re-thinking, and re-working projects and commitments. Remember that communication, both oral and written, can become more easily confused. So check things twice, and be gentle and forgiving with people when there are mix-ups. If things aren’t coming together, allow for shifting perspectives to re-arrange and re-align. Mercury goes direct in motion on Saturday, and then we can move forward with contracts and plans, though Mercury will be in its shadow period until February 28th, and throughout this period there will still be some of the effects of Mercury retrograde at play.

This week harbors the first of three Saturn-Uranus squares on Wednesday. This alignment may result in some earth-shaking, surprising events. The energy is powerful, so harness it for good. You could make amazing breakthroughs, or invest it in powerful initiatives for personal or social change.

Aquarius, where Saturn resides, symbolizes new thinking, innovation, and concerns about community and social justice. Taurus, where Uranus resides, symbolizes habits and practical, grounded sensual energy. These mixed energies of change and consolidation reach their peak on Wednesday, and may result in a thunderous event. This could be evidenced by breaking through a bad habit and changing it to a better one; or breaking out of an outgrown job and landing a new one; or working through an old fear and moving past it. The Saturn-Uranus square is this year’s highlighted planetary theme: breakthrough and consolidation, with exact squares February 17th, June 10th, and December 24th.

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After a restful night, we are ready for adventure on Sunday as the Moon ingresses into Aries. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, amplifying ideas, particularly good for re-thinking things due to the retrograde Mercury. A benefic Moon-Saturn sextile can help us find practical ways to express our love on this Valentine’s Day.

The work week starts in the light of the Aries Moon that wants to get moving on Monday. The Moon makes benefic sextiles to Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in Aquarius, offering opportunities. Independence and freedom are themes.

Tuesday is edgy with the Aries Moon square to Pluto. We can feel pushed, and perhaps bullied. The Saturn-Uranus energy is strong just before its perfection on Wednesday. We are pushed out of our comfort zone, perhaps into some chaos and uncertainty that may be necessary for the next step.

Wednesday is one of the most eventful days astrologically of 2021, as it is the first of three exact Saturn-Uranus squares, this one at 11:08 a.m., at 7:13 degrees of Taurus. The Moon is in Taurus also at this degree on Wednesday, shining more light on the special alignment. While the Saturn-Uranus square is a general theme for all of 2021, the energy is especially strong on this day. There may be big breakthroughs and earth-shaking events. Strong themes of forced change may appear. The Moon also squares Jupiter, expanding the themes of great change.

The Sun enters Pisces tropically on Thursday, ushering in a month dedicated to dreams, visions, creativity, and artistic endeavors. Symbolized by two fish, this mutable water sign is ethereal, impressionable, and flowing. The day is softer than the last couple of days, and yet the day is powerful, as the Taurus Moon is energized by a conjunction with active Mars, and a bold, dynamic trine with Pluto.

The urge to connect is strong on Friday as the Moon moves into chatty Gemini. However, connections could be elusive. The Moon squares the Sun, marking the first quarter square of the lunar cycle. Relationships may be tested by the stubborn Venus-Mars square in fixed signs. The Moon makes benefic aspects to Chiron and Saturn. and helps to ease any fixed tension.

Mercury turns direct on Saturday afternoon at 4:51 p.m. PST, marking the forward motion of the planet symbolizing communication. The Gemini Moon makes benefic aspects with Mercury and Jupiter, amplifying ideas. This would be a good day for writing, or for a Zoom meeting, or for an important phone call that’s been waiting to happen.

Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athena conjunct, perhaps focusing us on equal rights for women. Women will be standing up for themselves, and will want to be honored. The Moon makes a flowing trine, energizing these two planets. Ideas flow, as these planets are in air signs. The Moon is void of course almost all day from 10:39 a.m. until 7:52 p.m. PST, so focus on routine, insignificant tasks during this time, and don’t waste your time on meetings or issues calling for decisions.

The Moon is in Cancer on Monday which is a relatively quiet day astrologically. A Moon-Uranus sextile invites us to think more independently about home and family matters. Do something different to make your home more comfortable or beautiful.