In the Stars June 21-28, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week: Solar Eclipse

The second of three eclipses occurs on Saturday, June 20th, at 11:41 p.m. PDT (Sunday the 21st in time zones to the east), this one being a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, the Summer Solstice point. During the solar month of Cancer the focus is on home, family, tradition, and issues of security. A Lunar Eclipse follows on July 5th. The next two weeks are turbulent and stormy. Eclipses are power surges; consider how you will use this energy positively. Six planets and asteroid Pallas Athena are retrograde: Mercury Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune (as of Monday, June 22nd). Mars squares the nodes, adding to the challenging energies.

While Mercury is in retrograde through July 12th it is a good time to review, re-think, reconsider, and re-construct. Communication is sometimes confused, so be patient with mix-ups. It is difficult to move forward, and probably best not to try to, at least until we get through eclipse season this next month and Venus and Mercury return to direct motion. Go carefully and consciously this week. Continue to light candles for racial equality and humane treatment of all people, and shine your light on the world.


The Sun ingresses into Cancer tropically Saturday night, officially marking the beginning of summer, and joined by the New Moon in a Solar Eclipse (11:41 p.m. PDT). This is the second of three eclipses in a row, this one symbolizing new beginnings in the areas of home and family. Cancer is concerned with tradition, history, family lore and photos. Mars-conjunct-Neptune squares into this New Moon eclipse, expanding our vision and motivations. Pause and reflect with the aid of Mercury retrograde, and examine the powerful new starts you want to make in this area of your life and the summer season ahead.

Father's Day Sunday may be emotionally sensitive, as the Sun makes a quincunx (159 degree-angle), the Moon makes a hard angle to Chiron, and the intensity of the eclipse lingers. Reach out with your caring arms to family--especially to your father. We are drawn to domestic activities. Prepare some of your favorite summer foods.

Neptune stations on Monday, turning retrograde for the next five months, becoming the seventh planetary body in retrograde motion, but only for a few days, as Venus will turn direct on Wednesday. As energies are heightened when planets turn direction, the day may feel cloudy and confusing. In addition, the sensitive Cancer Moon opposes the demanding planets Pluto and Saturn, amplified by Jupiter, a big force with which to reckon. Monday is an emotionally demanding day, though direction may be cloudy.

Tuesday holds several variations of energy. The morning beckons us to lean into our responsibilities and work hard. As the day opens up we can relax a bit with the energy of the Moon-Venus sextile. Since the Moon is in Leo, it is a day to shine. Enjoy the Sun! The day ends with a Moon-Uranus square which may bring disruptions or surprises.

The Leo Moon is void of course all day on Wednesday, a day best for insignificant routine tasks and creativity. This is not a good day for meetings, shopping, or definitive decisions. Take a break and do something fun and playful.

Thursday morning the Moon is still void of course, so the morning may be slow to find definition. At 10:05 a.m. PDT the Moon moves into Virgo, and then it’s time to clean up and get organized. The Sun conjuncts Hygeia, asteroid of cleanliness and hygiene. Thursday through mid-day Saturday there’s super clean energy in the stars. Exercise, eat healthy foods, clear clutter, and make your surroundings sparkle.

Continue cleaning, and organizing on Friday, Venus’ day. This is the time of the month for getting our lives in better order, and this month is boosted by the Sun’s conjunction with Hygeia. We’re still in-between eclipses when we should go easy, so tending to the details of our lives is especially a good thing to do. Mars squares the nodes, perhaps facing us with questions of how we balance the past with our destiny and purpose.

Mid-day Saturday the Moon opposes Mars which could result in some heated feelings and conflict. As the Moon moves through the last degrees of Virgo Saturday morning, it would be best to put the hot energy to work with a last burst of organizing and cleaning. The Moon’s benefic trine to Saturn supports strong, efficient work. With the ingress of the Moon into Libra at 1:16 p.m. PDT, we are ready to relax and enjoy some social time. Mars makes a major move into its own sign of Aries at 6:45 p.m. PDT where it will stay for a long time until January 7th, 2021, as it will retrograde through Aries. Mars’ alignment with Venus in the evening could stir romantic passions.

A solid, opportune Mars-Saturn sextile on Sunday steadies the waters and steers us toward our responsibilities. Strong exercise is encouraged by this alignment. This energy is helpful in navigating the Moon’s unsettling squares to the Sun and Mercury which may bring up issues in family relationships. With the Moon in Libra, make sure that an appreciation of beauty is part of your day.

Monday is a stormy day, that day of the week when the Moon squares off with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, creating turbulence. Jupiter and Pluto form an exact, powerful conjunction in retrograde motion. The Moon is void of course all day until 3:48 p.m. PDT when it submerges into the deep, murky waters of Scorpio. You may feel frustrated, and it may be difficult to move into the week’s work. Handle routine tasks and defer difficulties.

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The Week in Short:

Saturday:New Moon Solar Eclipse at the Summer Solstice highlights new beginnings in matters of home and family.

Father's Day Sunday: Family activities beckon. Honor your father.

Monday: Neptune turns retrograde for the next five months. Demanding, yet confusing day.<