In the Stars June 26-July 2, 2022 . . . shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon

With the Sun in Cancer for the month ahead, the focus is on home and family, including motherhood.

On Thursday the Supreme Court expanded gun rights by ruling that Americans have a right to carry firearms in public for self-defense. Roe vs. Wade was overturned on Friday, June 24th, as Mars conjuncted Eris in Aries and squared Pluto (hard, edgy aspects). Mars, which is often a trigger for events, also aspects Saturn. Protestors took to the streets on Friday afternoon and evening as the Taurus Moon came to a conjunction with revolutionary Uranus.

A new lunar cycle begins on Tuesday evening (Wednesday GMT time). The Sun and Moon will conjunct at 7:22 degrees of Cancer and square Jupiter, an aspect that will amplify family issues.

Neptune stations on Monday, June 27th to move retrograde for five months until December 2. The retrograde period offers a time to re-imagine the future. As Saturn retrogrades (now through October 22), it will be moving closer to its last square with Uranus in early October. This major aspect invites big change. Consider what you want to cut out of your life that is no longer useful, and how you want to change to revolutionize your future. This aspect was active all of 2021, and gives one more opportunity to catapult into the years ahead in new ways.


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Sunday, the Sabbath, is a day of rest for planetary activity. The Gemini Moon loves variety and activity, so consider an outing to an interesting new place or experie