In the Stars June 7-14, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week

The Sun is now moving through Gemini tropically, symbolizing community, conversation, connection, and short-distance travel. Yet, with five planets retrograde (Asteroid Pallas Athena, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter), it is difficult to move forward, and probably best not to try, at least until we get through eclipse season this next month. Mercury stations retrograde on June 17, so in the week ahead wrap up loose ends and agreements that you want to complete before the three-week retrograde period sets in.

What a game-changing last week we had with passionate protests, fiery riots, and destruction. The importance of better race relations and the call for the end of police brutality have moved to a prominent place in our psyches. The first of three eclipses occurred on Friday, June 5th. A Solar eclipse follows on June 20th, and another lunar eclipse occurs on July 5th. The month ahead is a potent one. The hot planets Mars and Sun remain in a tense square aspect most of the next week, fanning flames of anger and aggression, and perhaps actual fires. There have been several fires in California in the last few days, along with the protests. In these intense times of darkness and violence, it is even more important to shine your light on the world in all the ways you possible can, and to consider how you can best use the planetary energy. Make donations of time and money. Go slowly and consciously and keep things as simple as possible for the next month.


Emotions cool on Sunday with the Moon in austere Capricorn. It’s a day for serious hard work. A benefic Moon-Mars sextile in the evening warms the atmosphere a bit while we are focused on our tasks.

Monday is that intense day of the week when the Moon meets the mighty group of planets in late Capricorn/early Aquarius: Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and Saturn. Garner your skills, efficiency, and stamina for hard work, and get going. This is not a day for slackers. Monday demands productivity and a strong finish before we call it a day.

Tuesday is an edgy day with numerous irritating aspects. The morning is colored with the surprising energy of a Moon-Uranus conjunction which may bring something unexpected. The diffuse heat (steam) of the Mars/Neptune square to the Sun continues. A Moon-Venus trine in air signs brings some welcome relief through objective understanding and detached observation, and gives some relief.

A benefic Chiron-Venus sextile on Wednesday could help heal relationship issues, or simply bring out our appreciation of how others complement our lives. The Aquarius Moon is backdrop for a friendly day and appreciation of the many colors of humanity.

Neptune’s symbolism is a strong theme for Thursday: compassion, inspiration, and vision, but also perhaps illusion and confusion. The Moon is in Pisces tropically, ruled by inspirational Neptune. The Sun makes an exact square with Neptune, and the Pisces Moon squares Venus in Gemini. The Moon’s benefic sextile to Uranus in the evening can bring clarity to what may have been a confusing day.

The soft, compassionate, creative Pisces Moon moves along the zodiac Friday, and reaches a conjunction with Mars and Neptune in the evening at the same time it is square to the Sun. These aspects galvanize our desire to take action for the collective, and yet with so much nebulous Piscean energy in the mix, we may be unclear how to move through the confusion. Intuition may be the best guide. In the evening, kick back and watch a movie.

Take a leisurely walk in nature on Saturday morning, or work in your garden. The Moon is void of course in Pisces, so energy is diffuse until the Moon moves into Aries at 2:02 p.m. Then it’s time to get going and initiate something new. A late afternoon lunar sextile to Saturn gives some discipline and definition to the weekend’s goals.

Early Sunday is sweetened with a Venus-Moon sextile. The rest of the day is jagged. Address challenging aspects with hard work and determination, and yet don't push the river. Be active, but not aggressive.

Monday is the day this week that the Moon aligns with the dynamic stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and Saturn in a rousing square. This is powerful energy, so put it to good use tackling goals with drive and determination.

* * * * * * * *

The Week in Short: Sunday: Serious, hard working day to get a lot accomplished.

Monday: Lean in and work hard—give it your best.

Tuesday: Expect surprises and some hard edges. Yield to objectivity and extend friendship and kindness.

Wednesday: Friendly day. Relationship issues may be healed.

Thursday: Compassion, vision, and inspiration abound, but also illusion and confusion.

Friday: Desire for collective action, and yet confusion abounds. Honor your intuition.

Saturday: Moon VoC in Pisces until 2:02 p.m, PDT—good for garden work. Then bounce into action working on the weekend’s goals.

Sunday: Sweet morning, and then the day is challenging. Be active, but not aggressive.

Monday: Powerful energies and challenges call for hard work.