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In the Stars May 31-June 7, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week: Lunar Eclipse

The world is on fire as a result of the outcry about the terrible death of George Floyd, the African American killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. In Hong Kong there is much police brutality as Beijing moves to end Hong Kong’s autonomy from communist rule. The struggle for human rights is at the center of the violence in reaction to Floyd’s killing, as well as Hong Kong’s fight to maintain independence. We are moving into eclipse territory, with a Lunar eclipse coming at the end of the week on Friday, June 5th, and a Solar eclipse to follow on June 20th. The week ahead is colored by a tense Mars square to the Sun and Venus retrograde, with the influence of Neptune present as well. The violence and destruction we are experiencing correlates with the Mars-Sun square which is magnified by Friday’s Solar Eclipse. In these intense times of darkness and violence, it is even more important to shine your light on the world in all ways you possible can.

Venus is combust (near the Sun) next week; however, on Wednesday Venus is exactly conjunct the Sun, which is called “cazimi,” considered “the heart of the Sun.” Venus cazimi on June 3rd brings out its best qualities, particularly welcome in the heat of the violence and aggression of the fiery Mars-Sun energy.

The Sun is now moving through Gemini tropically, highlighting education (school graduations), learning, communication, and short-distance travel. Yet, with five planets retrograde (Asteroid Pallas Athena, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter), it is difficult to move forward. Although we are on the brink of summer, travel is limited by Covid-19 restrictions, and we are limited in ways to gather as we usually do. Mercury stations retrograde on June 17, so in the next couple of weeks, wrap up agreements and loose ends that you want to complete before the three-week retrograde period sets in.

Financial astrologer Ray Merriman notes: “The midpoint of Venus retrograde (May 13-June 25) takes place this week, June 3-4. This often represents a turning point in financial markets, especially those that did not reverse near the time of the retrograde (May 13). The week demands even more attention because Venus retrograde (in Gemini) will square Mars (in Pisces) on June 2, and the week will end with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. All that Venus and all that mutable sign activity (Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces) portends a wild week of potential misunderstandings and over-reactions between parties that are having difficulty seeing what the other wants or why they are behaving like they are…The Venus/Mars square could be especially delicate in terms of social distancing guidelines. People want to connect with one another, even hug and express passion and intimacy. It may be challenging if wearing a mask and trying to maintain a 6-foot distance. People are likely to violate those guidelines, and with Venus retrograde (along with Saturn and Jupiter), there may be consequences. There may be spikes in new cases of the coronavirus. This is a critical week to maintain safety measures in social interactions." (Merriman Market Analysis Free Weekly Column:


Relationships are the focus on Sunday as the Moon moves into Libra. A Moon-Saturn trine in the morning sets limits in a good way, and draws us toward our responsibilities. A Moon-Chiron opposition later in the day helps us heal relationship issues. Libra loves beauty. Since you cleaned and organized the past two days with the Moon in Virgo, add sprinkles of love to your home and dear ones.

Monday holds a sweet benefic aspect between the Libra Moon and Venus in Gemini. At the same time the cardinal Moon makes and edgy square to Pluto, Jupiter. Vesta conjuncts the North Node and brings focus. We want to get on track with our purpose. A lot can be accomplished, cooperatively and joyfully. Engage fully in this active day full of possibilities.

Tuesday, Martes, Mars’ Day is cantankerous. The deep feeling Scorpio Moon squares Saturn in the morning. Venus makes an edgy square to Mars. Uranus opposes the Moon late in the day, so expect the unexpected. A Moon-Mercury trine in the evening can help us talk out the difficulties that have been churned up.

Wednesday is a welcome soft day in the sense of planetary activity. The Sun joins Venus at the midpoint of Venus’ retrograde motion. Venus’ exact conjunction with the Sun is called “cazimi,” and brings out the best of Venus which symbolizes love, values, and pleasure. The Moon makes benefic trines to Neptune and Mars. Express your deep feeling of caring and kindness, and ignite your artistic abilities.

The Scorpio Moon makes benefic sextiles to the big Capricorn stellium of planets while we sleep early Thursday, perhaps stimulating dreams and guiding us into deep sleep. After a slow morning, we bounce into Thursday’s opportunities with zest and enthusiasm as the Moon moves into Scorpio at 10:16 a.m. PDT. Mid-day the Moon makes a benefic sextile to Saturn, calling us to our responsibilities. Get your walking shoes on and get out and move in the outdoors.

Friday delivers the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15:34 Gemini-Sagittarius at 12:12 p.m. PDT. This eclipse is esepctially potent due to a Mars and Neptune squaring the Full Moon. We are pushed to expand our horizons through knowledge and wisdom. A sizzling Mercury-Uranus sextile gives brilliant ideas. Honor the intense eclipse energy by going slow and keeping things simple.

Stay cool on Saturday, as it is a boiling hot day with the Sun and Mars exactly square, and Saturn also making an edgy aspect to the Sun. And this is on the heels of yesterday’s eclipse. The Moon is exactly conjunct the South Node. After a void Moon morning, the Moon moves into Capricorn at 12: 44 Capricorn, and then we have the maturity and responsibility of the Saturn-ruled sign to handle heated situations that may arise.

Emotions cool on Sunday with the Moon in austere Capricorn. It’s a day for serious hard work. A benefic Moon-Mars sextile in the evening warms the atmosphere a bit while we stay focused on our tasks.

Monday is that intense day of the week when the Moon meets the mighty group of planets in late Capricorn/early Aquarius: Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and Saturn. Garner your skills, efficiency, and stamina for hard work and get going. This is not a day for slackers. It is a day that demands productivity and a strong finish before we call it a day.

* * * * * * * *

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Tend to responsibilities, and focus on relationships, especially if any healing is needed.

Monday: Active day to get a lot accomplished, with pleasure.

Tuesday: Edgy, challenging day. Expect the unexpected.

Wednesday: Soft and easy day. Express compassion and kindness.

Thursday: Slow morning with Moon VoC until 10:16 a.m. Then, feel the bounce in your step and walk in the outdoors.

Friday: Lunar Eclipse brings strong, stressful energy to the day. Brilliant ideas flow.

Saturday: Be careful not to get worked up and overheated. Instead, work hard, and break through a stuck place. Moon VoC until 12:44 p.m.

Sunday: Serious, hard working day to get a lot accomplished.

Monday: Lean in and work hard—give it your best.

* * * * *

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Moon Void-of-Course: This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things don’t come together and it’s difficult to make good decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often don’t come together, and meetings don’t result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. We more easily get lost or meander in trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work.

Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle): Pacific Standard Time: May 31: 2:16 am – 7:37 am (Moon into Libra)

June 2: 3:39 a.m. -9:05 a.m. (Moon into Scorpio)

June 4: 4:36 a.m. – 10:16 a.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

June 5 at 9:10 p.m. through June 6 at 12:44 p.m. (Moon into Capricorn)

June 8: 11:05 a.m. – 5:53 p.m. (Moon into Aquarius)

June 10 at 7:34 a.m. through June 11 at 2:31 a.m. (Moon into Pisces)

June 13: 5:44 a.m. - 2:02 p.m. (Moon into Aries)

June 15 at 5:49 p.m. through June 16 at 2:35 a.m. (Moon into Taurus)

Thursday, June 18: 5:02 a.m. – 1:50 p.m. (Moon into Gemini)

June 20: 2:47 p.m. – 11:01 p.m. (Moon into Cancer)

June 23: 12:20 a.m. – 5:33 a.m. (Moon into Leo)

June 24 at 10:34 p.m. through June 25 at 10:04 a.m.

(Moon into Virgo); June 27: 1:01 p.m. – 1:16 p.m. (Moon into Libra)

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): May 31: 10:16 – 15:37 (Moon into Libra)

June 2: 11:39 - 17:05 (Moon into Scorpio

June 4: 12:36 – 18:16 (Moon into Sagittarius

June 6: 5:10 - 20:44 (Moon into Capricorn)

June 8 at 19:05 through June 9 at 1:53 (Moon into Aquarius)

June 10 at 15:34 through June 11 at 10:31 (Moon into Pisces)

June 13: 13:44 - 22:02 (Moon into Aries)

June 16: 1:49 - 10:35 (Moon into Taurus)

June 18: 13:02 – 21:50 (Moon into Gemini)

June 20 at 22:47 through June 21 at 6:01 (Moon into Cancer)

June 23: 8:20 – 13:33 (Moon into Leo)

June 25: 6:34 - 18:04 (Moon into Virgo)

June 27: 21:01 – 21:16 (Moon into Libra)


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