In the Stars May 9-16, 2021...shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon

All things sensual are highlighted this week as the Sun shines in Taurus: good food, wine, music, art, and beauty. Taurus loves security and plenty of money in the bank. Taurus is a fertile earth sign, ruled by Venus, and fosters growth. The week begins with a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11th. Set intentions for what you want to nurture and increase in your life.

This week is also potentially volatile due to a yod configuration with Mars, Saturn, and the South Node involved. Mars is in a difficult Nakshatra, Ardra, which symbolizes ambition and creative intelligence, as well as a propensity toward anger, turbulence, and confusion. Mars is also still out of bounds until May 26th, making the Martian energy more volatile and unpredictable than usual. Be measured and mindful, and temper your words this week. Planetary energy also intensifies as we move toward eclipses May 26th and June 10th.

Uranus is moving toward its second of three exact squares to Saturn on June 14th. This aspect pushes for change, and with Uranus involved, surprises may be in store. This strong change configuration is with us all year, and will be strongest near its exactness June 14th and December 24th. This week Jupiter moves into Pisces on Thursday for 11 weeks. We will get a taste of themes bursting forth with Jupiter in Pisces through July 28th, and then Jupiter will move back into Aquarius for the rest of the year (until December 29th).

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We might be agitated on Sunday due to the feisty Aries Moon squaring Pluto. Plan to put this edgy energy to good use doing something demanding, or take a vigorous hike. By early evening the Moon makes its way into Taurus, where it is exalted. Plan to enjoy a sensual, relaxing dinner, and allow the earlier irritations to fade away.

The Moon is dark on Monday, signaling a time to draw inward and finish projects you set out to accomplish during this lunar month. We can feel depleted and lacking something in the light of a Moon-Saturn square. Give yourself some extra loving care.

The New Moon forms on Tuesday at noon PDT at 21:17 degrees of Taurus. Taurus is associated with security and the material world. This lunation conjuncts Black Moon Lilith, where the Moon’s orbit is furthest from the Earth. In this lunation with Black Moon Lilith we may feel that something is lacking, and yet from this place creativity can spring. Uranus is in a wide conjunction to the New Moon, a combination which may result in some turbulence or surprises. A benefic Moon-Pluto trine is the last aspect of the day. This aspects focuses us on our value, and suggests that we simplify our lives toward what is most essential and desirable.

A Mercury-Saturn trine on Wednesday in air signs Gemini and Aquarius respectively support good communication and sound ideas. The Gemini Moon fosters communication and connection. Pause for conversation with a friend or colleague in the afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Venus. A Sun-Neptune sextile at bedtime carries us into dreamland.

Jupiter moves into Pisces on Thursday (Jueves). Jupiter dips into the first two degrees of Pisces for the next 11 weeks before it retrogrades back into Aquarius for most of the rest of the year. During the time that Jupiter is in Pisces we will likely feel more creative and inspired, and more open to the spiritual dimension of our lives. Thursday is another day that fosters good communication, as well as mental productivity.

A Moon-Neptune square in the wee hours of Friday morning may bring strong dreams. Make the necessary connections in the morning before the work week ends, and before the Moon goes void of course at 11:57 a.m. The Moon is void until 6:31 p.m. PDT when it enters Cancer, the sign that symbolizes home a family. Savor a lovely dinner at home, and settle into a cozy weekend oriented toward family.

The Moon and Mars conjunct in Cancer on Saturday, stirring up emotions and sentiments, and making us prone to agitation. This Moon-Mars alignment squares Chiron, bringing up sensitivities. The alignment sextiles Uranus, meaning there could be some surprising twists and turns. Finally, this alignment inconjuncts Saturn, calling for practical adjustment.

Sunday holds a number of minor aspects that may rock the day, capped by the tense Moon-Pluto opposition late in the evening. Tend to home and family, and keep things simple. Take good care of yourself. Make the evening easy so as to keep the potentially unsettling rumblings as low as possible.

The work week starts strong on Monday, fortified by a Sun-Pluto trine in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Make this week count with serious goals and thoughtful plans. Venus conjuncts the North Node, perhaps drawing us to connect with a special friend.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Agitation can be directed into hard work, or a vigorous hike. Relax into a sensual evening.

Monday: Draw inward, and give yourself some extra loving care.

Tuesday: New Moon in Taurus. Set intentions for what you want to grow.

Wednesday: Benefic aspects foster good ideas, and support communication and connection.