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In the Stars October 18-25, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week

Mercury continues retrograde until election day, November 3rd. Mercury retrograde periods offer time to re-think projects, re-work plans, review intentions, and re-prioritize goals. It’s a good time to address and clear your email “in” box, rather than making new commitments. Communication is more prone to mix-ups, and mechanical things, especially technology, are prone to breaking down. Be patient when things don’t go the way you thought they would.

Thursday the Sun moves into Scorpio tropically, ushering in a month to pull back, go deep, and take time for yourself before the holiday revelry ahead. Thursday is an intense day with the Capricorn Moon aligning with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. This challenging energy is sure to supercharge the final presidential debate. Use the challenging energy to push forward with your work. Most other days this week are a bit lighter than we have known for quite some time, even though with two weeks until the election, and a contentious supreme court nomination on the docket, things hardly seem like they could be any lighter.

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Sunday is full of cosmic activity, mixed with challenges and gifts. The Scorpio Moon keeps emotions heightened. Major aspects include Sun square Saturn (contracting, and demanding attention to responsibility); Venus opposite Neptune (visioning and dreaming); and Mars square Jupiter (energizing, expanding, igniting). The Moon is void of course from 2:43 through 9:43 p.n. PDT, so during that time tend to routine household chores.

Monday begins a new week with an optimistic bounce. In the midst of so many days of difficult planetary energy, and so much tension from the political and cultural climate, this day offers a welcome respite. We feel more hopeful. Our minds open to brilliant, innovative solutions.

Get a vigorous, energetic start on optimistic Tuesday. Relationships and values may meet challenges; be tolerant and generous, and easy on the imperfections of others.

A Venus-Pluto trine on Wednesday deepens intimate bonds and draws us into tender, passionate relationship issues. A Moon-Uranus trine may bring unexpected events. With the Moon in Capricorn, it’s a day framed for productivity.

The Sun moves into Scorpio tropically on Wednesday, opening to a month to go deep, and take some solitude before the holiday season. This is a dynamic day with the Moon making a challenging square to Mars in Aries, and conjunct Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. A lunar trine to Venus provides a little salve for all the hard, edgy aspects. Joe Biden and Donald Trump square off in the last debate, and with the numerous testy aspects in the sky, it promises to be a highly contentious event. Lean in and work hard, the best way to combat testy energy.

Friday is a day for friendships—perhaps gathering with a group of friends on Zoom or socially distanced. Lunar squares to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus challenge us to commit to social activism. Make a donation to a social cause about which you are passionate.

Saturday is another day for friendships, lit by the Aquarius Moon. It is also a good day for innovative problem solving. A Saturn-Venus trine provides grounding, and gives practical, discerning, and sound energy to relationship or financial issues.

It may be hard to get direction Sunday morning as the Moon is void of course until 2:18 p.m. PDT when it flows into Pisces. The Moon’s benefic trine to the Sun and Mercury in the evening draws us into deep emotional territory, and psychic sensitivities. This is a day for rest and relaxation.

Monday is a somewhat quiet, easy day. Allow the Pisces Moon to uplift you. A benefic Moon-Uranus sextile draws us to something different. Invite music, art, and beauty into your day.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Extremely active day. Honor limitations and meet responsibilities. Lean into goals.

Monday: Optimistic, hopeful day. Open to brilliant ideas.

Tuesday: Energetic, optimistic day. Be forgiving and tolerant of imperfections.

Wednesday: Productive, passionate day, perhaps with some surprises.

Thursday: Sun into Scorpio. Moon makes numerous challenging aspects. Apply yourself and get a lot accomplished.

Friday: A day for friendships and the broader collective. Gather on a Zoom call with friends, and make a donation to a good cause.

Saturday: Innovative problem solving and practical discernment for relationship and financial matters.

Sunday: Take a rest and relax.

Monday: Expect a peaceful, inspired day, and include music that uplifts you.

Ten Things to Do with Venus in Virgo (October 2-27)

  1. Make your life shipshape.

  2. Organize your work space.

  3. Deep clean your home.

  4. Take a self-improvement course.

  5. Clean up your make-up drawer and wash your cosmetic brushes.

  6. Do a 3-day cleanse.

  7. Eat a pure diet during this time.

  8. Adjust your health regime.

  9. Attend to the details in your job that call for attention.

  10. File your financial papers and balance your checkbook.

Moon Void-of-Course: This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things don’t come together and it is difficult to make good decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often don’t come together, and meetings don’t result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. We more easily get lost or meander in trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work. Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle): Pacific Standard Time:

October 18: 2:43 p.m. – 9:43 p.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

October 20: 8:38 p.m. – 11:44 p.m. (Moon into Capricorn)

October 22 at 9:35 p.m. through October 23rd at 5:17 p.m. (Moon into Aquarius)

October 24 at 2:53 p.m. through October 25 at 2:18 p.m. (Moon into Pisces)

October 27 at 5:46 p.m. through October 28 at 1:45 a.m. (Moon into Aries)

October 30: 9:13 a.m. – 2:19 p.m. (Moon into Taurus)

November 1 at 6:29 p.m. through November 2 at 2:00 a.m. (Moon into Gemini)

November 4: 5:49 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. (Moon into Cancer)

November 6: 5:27 p.m. – 11:18 p.m. (Moon into Leo)

November 9: 3:05 a.m. – 5:30 a.m. (Moon into Virgo)

November 11: 2:59 a.m. – 8:09 a.m. (Moon into Libra)

November 13: 3:32 a.m. – 8:19 a.m. (Moon into Scorpio)

November 15: 3:13 a.m. – 7:47 a.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time):

October 18 at 22:43 through October 19 at 5:43 (Moon into Sagittarius)

October 21: 4:38 – 7:44 (Moon into Capricorn)

October 23: 5:35 – 13:17 (Moon into Aquarius)

October 24 at 22:53 through October 25 at 22:18 (Moon into Pisces)

October 28: 3:46 - 9:45 (Moon into Aries)

October 30: 17:13 – 22:19 (Moon into Taurus)

November 2: 2:29 - 10:00 (Moon into Gemini)

November 4: 13:49 – 21:45 (Moon into Cancer)

November 7: 1:27 – 7:18 (Moon into Leo)

November 9 at 11:05 through November 10 at 1:30 (Moon into Virgo)

November 11: 10:59 – 16:09 (Moon into Libra)

November 13: 11:32 a.m. – 16:19 (Moon into Scorpio)

November 15: 11:13 – 15:47 (Moon into Sagittarius


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