In the Stars October 2-9, 2022 ... Shining Light on the Astrology of the Week

On Sunday, October 2, Mercury stations to turn direct. Pluto will follow on Saturday, October 8. These two planets lead the way out of strong retrograde motion that will continue to occur over the coming month. You can now proceed with plans and intentions you want to set in motion.

Saturn and Uranus are now within a 1-degree square of each other, and this tight aspect continues throughout October. This last square (before these planets again square each other 45 years from now) demand revolutionary change.

Mars is in Gemini for an extended period in which we will be more open to new ideas and perspectives, and we may speak more freely. Increase your appetite for inquiry. Read, converse, write, listen, and learn.


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After the social jubilation of Friday and Saturday, we move into a more somber, serious Sunday. Mercury stations to turn direct in motion. There could be mix-ups in the day due to the stationary messenger planet, though the Capricorn Moon will give grounding, and steer us toward responsib