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In the Stars October 22-29, 2023 . . . Shining Light on the Astrology of the Week

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Monday, October 23rd, inviting us into deep emotional territory. Halloween, All Saint\s’ Day and All Souls’ Day occur while the Sun is in Scorpio tropically, symbolizing death and rebirth. Daylight savings time ends on November 5th, and then there will be less light at the end of the day.

The week ahead is less volatile that the past week, though we are in the midst of eclipse season. The Solar Eclipse occurred Saturday, October 14, qt 21:07 degrees of Libra, to be followed by the Lunar Eclipse October 28 at 5:09 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio.

I think of this month as one to draw inward and take some solitude. Honor your deceased loved ones with a Day of the Dead altar. Light a fire in your fireplace, or light a candle. Cozy up with a good book. Ponder what is no longer alive for you, what you want to let go. Rest and restore yourself.


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Sunday is a day of mixed energies. The day of rest is anchored by a Moon-Saturn trine, supporting attention to duty and responsibility. Use the aspect to plan the day and the week ahead. On the challenging side, the Aquarius Moon squares both Mars and Jupiter which may provoke a feeling of overwhelm and frustration. However, the Aquarius Moon is cool and detached, and will navigate the day with diversions and discoveries.

The Sun ingresses into Scorpio on Monday, October 23rd, inviting us to take some private time for ourselves for the next month. The Sun is trine Saturn, anchoring the day for productivity. A Moon-Uranus square, however, can be de-stabilizing, and can throw some disruptions and surprises into the day.

The Moon shines in Pisces on Tuesday and Wednesday, first making a benefic trine with Saturn on Tuesday, October 24, grounding the day. The Moon and Saturn form a Grand Trine with the Sun in Scorpio. Other benefic aspects are formed by the Moon to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. This is a day to go with the flow, and let your imagination soar. Offer compassion to those around you.

Soak in beauty and ease on Wednesday with the Pisces Moon serving as a guide. The Moon conjuncts Neptune and makes a benefic sextile to Pluto, uplifting our spirit and fueling imagination. Be kind, accepting, and forgiving.

Thursday, October 26, calls for adventure and boldness as the Moon moves into Aries, encouraging fresh starts. We feel courageous and much can be accomplished.

The weekend begins with a bold shout due to a Moon-Eris conjunction, followed by a Moon-Pluto square which perfects early Saturday morning. There could be turbulence or power struggles on Friday evening. Be courageous and take initiative.

Saturday, October 28, at 1:23 p.m. PDT a lunar eclipse occurs at 5:09 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio. Also tied in with the eclipse is an exact Mars-Jupiter opposition. Mars is conjunct Mercury, and quite close to the Sun. Jupiter is opposite the Sun. These planetary combinations call us to address work-life balance. Ponder your goals and activities and how well they are tuned into what is reasonable for you.

The exalted Moon in Taurus trines Venus on Sunday, October 29, setting the stage for expressions of love and pleasure. The Taurus Moon loves nature, so it would be a good day for a beautiful hike. However, the Moon’s conjunction with Uranus may take us on unexpected detours. At the end of the day, the Moon sextiles Neptune, allowing us a feeling of peace and ushering us into dreamland.

The Moon’s trine to Pluto in the early hours of Monday, October 30, point us toward demanding work. Augmented by a Moon-Saturn square, we are reminded of our responsibilities to which we must attend. Yet, the Moon’s ingress into Gemini at 8:07 a.m. PDT colors the day with variety. It is a day for strong attention on many small things so that boredom does not set in.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Attend to responsibilities. Address frustrations with diversions and different ways of thinking and doing.

Monday: Sun moves into Scorpio. Day for practical accomplishments, though there may be changes in your plans.

Tuesday: Intuition is strong. Go with the flow and let your imagination soar. Offer compassion.

Wednesday: Uplifting day. Create beauty and be kind, accepting, and forgiving.

Thursday: Move into action with courage and high energy.

Friday: Bold beginning of the weekend. Independence is a theme, and we may encounter aggression. Be mindful and stay calm.

Saturday: Lunar Eclipse! Address work-life balance. Grounded day for good work, but keep things simple in light of the eclipse.

Sunday: Delight in expressions of love and beauty, and expect the unexpected. Walk in nature.

Monday: Lean into work, but allow variety into your day. Invite conversation.

Ten Things to Do with the Venus in Virgo (October 8-November 7)

1. Make your life shipshape. 2. Organize your work space. 3. Deep clean your home. 4. Engage in a self-improvement course. 5. File loose papers. 6. Do a 3-day cleanse. 7. Eat a pure diet during this time. 8. Amplify your health regime. 9. Clean up your email. 10. Attend to the details in your job that call for attention.

Moon Void-of-Course: This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things don’t come together and it is difficult to make good decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often don’t come together, and meetings don’t result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. We more easily get lost or meander in trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work. Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle): Pacific Standard Time:

October 23 at 12:04 p.m. through October 24 at 1:32 a.m. (Moon into Pisces)

October 25 at 11:38 p.m. through October 26 at 3:01 a.m. (Moon into Aries)

October 28: 1:19 a.m.-4:43 a.m. (Moon into Taurus)

October 30: 4:35 a.m.-8:07 a.m. (Moon into Gemini)

November 1: 5:36 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (Moon into Cancer)

November 3 at 8:27 p.m. through November 4 at 12:20 a.m. (Moon into Leo)

November 5 at 11:25 p.m. through November 6 at 11:38 a.m. (Moon into Virgo)

November 8 at 8:54 p.m. through November 9 at 12:07 a.m. (Moon into Libra)

November 11: 7:05 a.m.-10:38 a.m. (Moon into Scorpio)

November 13: 3:03 p.m.-6:22 p.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

November 15: 2:56 p.m.-11:41 p.m. (Moon into Capricorn)

November 18: 12:27 a.m.-3:27 a.m. (Moon into Aquarius)

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time):

October 23 at 19:04 through October 24 at 8:32 (Moon into Pisces)

October 26: 6:38-10:01 (Moon into Aries)

October 28: 8:19-11:43 (Moon into Taurus)

October 30: 11:35-15:07 (Moon into Gemini)

November 1: 12:36-21:30 (Moon into Cancer)

November 3:27-7:20 (Moon into Leo)

November 6: 7:25-19:38 (Moon into Virgo)

November 9: 4:54-8:07 (Moon into Libra)

November 11: 15:05 a.m.-18:38 (Moon into Scorpio)

November 13 at 23:03 through November 14 at 2:22 (Moon into Sagittarius)

November 15 at 22:56 through November 16 at 7:41 (Moon into Capricorn)

November 18: 7:27-11:27 (Moon into Aquarius)

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