In the Stars September 6-13, 2020...shining light on the astrology of the week

This week carries a great deal of strength and energy. Mars turns stationary retrograde on Wednesday, amplifying Mars’ themes of courage, inspiration, and initiative. The Mars stationary energy this week may be aggressive, and result in more uproar and explosions. On a personal level, exercise vigorously and maintain a level-headed attitude in heated situations. Jupiter turns direct on Saturday the 12th after four months in retrograde motion. This signals a time to move forward with business plans, amplify your expectations, and manifest abundance. Mars’ tense square to Pluto and Saturn pushes limits and edges, and keeps things moving. Incorporating the Vedic, or sidereal perspective with the Western tropical perspective, the strong planetary field increases. From both perspectives Mars is in its ruling sign, Aries, and Saturn is in its ruling sign, Capricorn. From a Vedic, sidereal perspective Mercury is in its ruling sign and sign of exaltation Virgo; Jupiter is in its ruling sign Sagittarius; Sun is in its ruling sign Leo (Vedic, sidereal). We will have the strength and resolve to deal with the many challenges that now abound. To subscribe to this blog, click here.

A welcome cooling off period arrives Sunday as the Moon enters nature-loving Taurus. Venus moves into Leo, calling for playfulness. Sunday evening may deliver surprises as Uranus makes its monthly conjunction with the Moon.

The work week is off to a golden start Monday morning with the Taurus Moon trine the Virgo Sun, an earthy grounded aspect to support just about anything we want to do. The Moon moves forward making benefic aspects with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. We are empowered and supported by the planetary energy. Make the most of this excellent day.

A Moon-Saturn trine early in the morning sets the stage for routine, practical work. Then the Moon is void of course until 2:28 p.m. PDT which is not a good time for meetings or decision-making. Then the Moon moves into curious Gemini where variety is the main draw. You’ll want to keep several balls in the air, and have someone to talk with at the same time.

Mars turns retrograde on Wednesday, heightening the energy of Mars that occurs when a planet changes direction, In this case, aggression, independence, and risk-taking are heightened. Mars will be retrograde for two months, lengthening the time that Mars is in its own fiery sign of Aries. Mars will be strong in Aries tropically until January 6th. Wednesday is also buoyed by an expansive Sun-Jupiter trine. We are excited, optimistic, and adventurous.

We continue a quest for knowledge through curious questions and explorations on Thursday. We may be pulled off track in the morning, yet we are invigorated and more aligned in the afternoon. Make it a day for connection, communion, and learning.

We are drawn to emotional comforts and matters of home and family on Friday. Water, plant, and prune your garden. A Sun-Neptune opposition encourages the expression of love and caring. Listen to your inner voice and inspiration.

Saturday’s big planetary news is that Jupiter is stationary, turning direct after a four-month retrograde spin. When planets are stationary their energy is amplified, so this is an expansive day to imagine new possibilities. The Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter, and then Pluto and Saturn; emotions may move up and down with the day’s dramatic events. The Moon’s benefic aspects to the Sun and Neptune make us feel strong, satisfied, and inspired.

Sunday morning you may be slow to get out of bed and get going as the Moon is void of course. Then at 8:32 a.m. PDT it bounces into fiery, playful Leo, and you get your game on. Mars opposes Juno, pressing relationship issues; employ the tension creatively and generate passion. Sunday is grandparents’ day, so be sure to express your gratitude.

Monday is a powerful day, blessed by a Sun-Pluto trine. The Moon makes benefic aspects to Mercury and Uranus. Be courageous, creative, and joyful.

The Week in Short:

Sunday: Walk in nature, and be open to surprise in the evening.

Monday: Excellent day for accomplishing great things with support and empowerment.

Tuesday: Moon VoC 5:46 a.m. – 2:28 p.m. PDT. The morning is for practical, routine tasks, and the late afternoon and evening are for multitasking and variety.

Wednesday: Exciting, optimistic, risk-taking day.

Thursday: Connect, communicate, and be curious.

Friday: Tend to your home and garden. Comfort your loved ones.

Saturday: Jupiter turns direct. Expansive day full of possibilities.

Sunday: Exuberant, playful day. Celebrate your grandparents.

Monday; Powerful day. Be bold and courageous.

Ten Things to Do with Venus in Leo (September 6 – October 1)

1. Play with your children or grandchildren.

2. Wear a smile and be joyful!

3. Express appreciation.